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Greater Adirondack Home Aides is a non-profit home health care agency licensed by the NYS Department of Health to provide home care services to individuals in the community. GAHA was established in 1965 by a group of women who recognized a need in the community for assistance to the elderly in activities of daily living.

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Personal Assistants

Responsible To:


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A Personal Assistant (PA) is an individual hired, trained and supervised by the consumer to provide services that are determined to be appropriate and necessary by the Local Department of Social Services. The consumer can hire almost anyone, including most family members (state regulations prohibit the spouse or parent). The PA is not required to be “certified”; training is done by the consumer and family.

Greater Adirondack Home Aides (GAHA) Role:

  • Process each PA’s wages and benefits; processing all income tax and other required withholdings.
  • Comply with worker’s compensation, disability and unemployment insurance requirements.
  • Ensure that the health status of each PA is assessed prior to the start of care and comply with annual health requirements.
  • Maintain personnel records for each PA consisting of time sheets, medical records and all other required documentation.
  • Provide support and guidance to the consumer on employment, HR or recruiting issues that may arise.


Duties and number of hours authorized for care vary greatly from one consumer to the next and are determined based on a physician’s order and a nursing and social assessment of the consumer’s consistent weekly care needs in the home. PA’s may perform "skilled" care that otherwise may only be performed by a nurse. Although there is no required certification for becoming a Personal Assistant, some consumers may prefer hiring a PA that has training and skills that directly match their specific needs.

Personal Assistant duties will vary but may include:

  • Personal care services include the Level I tasks of assistance with certain nutritional and environmental support functions and the additional Level II tasks of assistance with certain personal care functions.
  • Home health aide tasks include personal care services tasks, as well as, some health related tasks, such as, preparation of meals for modified or complex modified diets; special skin care; use of medical equipment, supplies and devices; dressing changes to stable surface wounds; performance of simple tests to routinely monitor the medical condition; performance of a maintenance exercise program
  • Nursing tasks including, but not limited to, wound care, taking vital signs, administration of medication (including administration of eye drops and injections), intermittent catheterization and bowel regime.

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